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Ribbon 1 microphone Ludovic Lanen

Ribbon 1 Ludovic Lanen Ribbon 1 Ludovic Lanen
  • Brand Prodipe
  • Price 199,00 €
  • EcoTax + 0,10 €
  • UPC code 3 760 010 252 031
  • Polar pattern Super cardioïde

  • Introduction

    Ribbon 1

    Warm sound for purists

    These ribbon mics boast a modern design and exceptional quality at an affordable price. They’re perfect for smaller studios, home studio users and musicians.

    The ribbon mic has amazing qualities that have made it a benchmark for sound professionals. It largely contributed to the success of the crooners, who enjoyed its especially warm and natural pickups.

    But as with tube mics, their high price, size and relative fragility meant they were replaced by more practical equipment - only a few purists have continued to work with them, deciding not to sacrifice sound over ease of use.

    Now Prodipe and Ludovic Lanen have developed a new ribbon mic boasting a modern design and a price that at last makes exceptional quality available to smaller studios, home studio buffs and musicians”

    Ludovic Lanen – Sound Engineer



    With the now affordable price of the Ludovic Lanen Ribbon 1, you will finally be able to rediscover:

    • The warm and natural sounds of the 50s and 60s (jazz, rock and roll, and early pop).
    • The speed of response obtained from the lightweight nature of a ribbon that comprises 2.8 micron width aluminium.
    • A respect for the timbre of each instrument and a very natural reproduction of their respective sounds.
    • An ability to manage very high sound levels (for example, guitar amplifier at full blast).
    • High-pitched sounds that are never aggressive (brass, metal percussion), even if the pickup is close.
    • Directivity in 8 so you can capture the atmosphere of the room from behind and almost completely isolate any sources that are on either side of the mic.


    In particular, the ribbon mic demonstrates its qualities when recording:

    • Electric guitar amps
    • Drum kit overheads
    • Percussion instruments
    • Brass and woodwind
    • Horn sections
    • Acoustic piano
    • Acoustic guitar Stringed instruments (solo)
    • String sections Choirs and orchestras Voice


    The Ribbon 1 mic is supplied with suspension in a hard case.


    Tested by Flora Purim


    'I recorded with Prodipe's "Ribbon 1" microphone and fell in love with it.

    I do not want to use other microphones for my vocal recordings.'

    Flora Purim


    • Her music has interwoven the life fabric of anyone with a passing interest in Latin and American jazz music for over 25 years.


    • Her once-in-a-generation six-octave voice has earned her two Grammy nominations for Best Female Jazz Performance and Downbeat magazines Best Female Singer accolade on four occasions.


    • Her musical partners have included Gil Evans, Stan Getz, Chick Corea, Dizzy Gillespie and Airto Moreira, with whom she has collaborated on over 30 albums since moving with him from her native Rio to New York in 1967. Her musical genius was inbred thanks to a Russian émigré father who played violin and a mother who was a talented pianist in her own right.


    • Before leaving Brazil to escape the repressive military regime of the time, she had mastered piano and guitar and liberated an exhilarating vocal talent. After nearly four decades of extraordinary performance, Flora Purim has become synonymous with Brazilian jazz — her seductive voice intertwining effortlessly with native rhythms and exotic instrumentation.





    Tested by Studios Mardadet


    Ribbon technology is the absolute mark of quality amongst sound professionals. With Prodipe I was pulled in by the excellent value for money of their ribbon-based audio systems, so I had no hesitation in choosing to equip my studio with a pair of Pro Ribbon 5 speakers and a Ribbon 1 mic for recording horns.

    This mic is capable of handling extremely high sound levels and yet it respects the timbre of the instruments and restores the sound as naturally as possible. The trebles are never aggressive, even with close miking. As for the speakers, they’re perfect for acoustic recording where timbre and space considerations are paramount.”

    Georges Blumenfeld



    MANAGER OF MARCADET STUDIOS Marcadet Studios have been looking after the biggest stars since 1979.



    • Polar Pattern: Bi-directional
    • Frequency Response: 25Hz-18KHz
    • Sensitivity: 52dB±2dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
    • Output Impedance: 350Ω ±30%(at 1kHz)
    • Self Noise: 18dB A
    • Max. Input SPL: 148dB
    • Net Weight: 464g
    • Body Dimension: ø 76 x ø 46 x 190mm


    The Ribbon 1 mic is supplied with suspension in a hard case.


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