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Prodipe VE

Prodipe VE Prodipe VE
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    PRODIPE VE, Virtual Expander.

    A professional expander that restores the sound of any instrument extremely accurately.

    • More than 300 sounds
    • No latency


    If you only have the sound card that was supplied with your computer, Prodipe VE replaces this card and transforms your computer into a genuine musical instrument capable of faithfully restoring the sound of every possible instrument.

    For all home-studio buffs, Prodipe VE will add the finishing touch to your equipment without replacing it. Its complete absence of latency means that you can capture your notes, your demo recordings and your Midi files in real time on your keyboard and easily obtain the type of color and style that you want for your music. Prodipe VE can also be used as a professional expander for live and session



    1- “MIDI” Mode PRODIPE VE is compatible with all appropriate MIDI software: Sequencers (Cubase, Sonar, etc.) - Score Editors (Finale, Sibelius, PrintMusic!, etc.) - Accompaniment Software (Band in a Box, etc). Its sound qualities, along with its unlimited polyphony, mean that you can use PRODIPE VE for any kind of musical project. At last your music can benefit from the exceptional sounds that are available within a truly professional module installed at the heart of your computer.

    2- “Performance” Mode When you connect a MIDI instrument (such as a master keyboard, a controller keyboard, a digital piano, a guitar or a MIDI wind controller) to your computer, PRODIPE VE becomes the equivalent of a genuine electronic musical instrument, capable of restoring the integrality of all the instruments from an orchestra in real time and without latency. The software functions let you customize or create your own ‘Performances’ (registration) that you can save or call up later.

    PRODIPE VE is both supple and easy to use because of its carefully designed and clear graphic interface so you can use it on its own or across the entirety of your MIDI software.


    • Multitimbral 64 channel MIDI on 4 independent midi ports
    • Unlimited Polyphony (depending on your computer’s capacity)
    • Effects: User-defined Parameters for Reverberation, Chorus and Equalizer
    • Superposition of up to 4 different sound layers
    • Keyboard can be split into 4 different zones
    • Sound Synthesis: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit
    • Very high quality GM2 MIDI Sound Library
    • VST Compatible
    • GS and XG Compatible


    Prodipe AUDIO USB

    This audio USB 1 in/1 out interface, included with your Prodipe VE, is necessary for the product to function correctly. It can also be used as a traditional audio interface.


    • Mic input - adjustable using a simple button
    • Compatible with high speed USB 2.0 ports
    • Completely Plug & Play - no driver installation necessary


    Audio démos



    User's manuals





    Update version 1.6.3 (12/2011) : Download

    This update includes: :

    • Non detection of some devices shipped with Prodipe VE on Windows 7 (incl. 64 bits)
    • Windows© 7 compatibility
    • Corrections for Windows Vista© SP1
    • Please note that the previous updates contents are available inside this current update.


    Installation patch of Prodipe VE (Vista®, Windows© 7, Prodipe 49N, 61C) : Download

    This application is designed :

    • to install Prodipe VE under Windows® Vista, Windows© 7 or higher  if you own an installation CD of Prodipe VE that is not Vista, Windows© 7 or higher compatible.
    • to install this software with some hardwares shipped with the product and not recognized by this version of the software.


    Fix for Vista, Windows 7 or higer and "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" : Download

    This tool fixes the problem of the deletion of the "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" after the installation of Prodipe VE under Windows® Vista© or higer.




    • Windows XP, Vista, Seven
    • 1GHz Pentium IV Processor
    • 512 Mb of RAM (1GB recommended)
    • Recent sound card with DirectX 9.0


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