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La gamme Natural à la conquête de l'Australie

" Under general circumstance, amplifying acoustic instruments can prove to be quite troublesome: either you’re plugging straight into the PA and being forced to deal with the icky sound of your dry signal, or you’re combating whirring feedback and tempestuous white noise  from your usual amplifier. Although a range of brands have made amplifiers dedicated solely to acoustic instruments, very few possess any notable character or mojo, and for that matter, tend to fall into the gear-hole abyss.


Prodipe have definitely tapped into a good little niche with these Natural Acoustic Instrument Amplifiers. They’re compact, abundant with useful features and sound surprisingly good: for those acts gearing up for the corporate festive function season, these amps will definitely be your mate.



  • Warm acoustic tones and very usable vocal sounds
  • Compact size and affordable pricing



  • Not much


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Natural 6 - Mix down mag